Who We Are

Era Of the Engineer is a social enterprise that promotes what we call “cultural engineering” –the “Do- It-Yourself” way of thinking that thrives in the creative tech world we currently live in. We are pioneers. We are industry agnostic. We’ve literally proven that everything has been engineered.

When we walk into a room the first thing we say is “empower the builder”

Who is the builder? YOU

Where We’ve Been

Since 2011 Era has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between music, technology and education. I mean let’s keep it 100..The face of Era, Young Guru, has been touted as the world’s most influential man in Hip Hop according the Wall Street Journal. But on top of unleashing flutes and being your engineer’s favorite engineer behind some of the biggest records to date, Guru and Era have been about nothing but access.

We have established music based curricula at University of Southern California and Georgia Tech. We hosted the first 13-city educational tour with GRAMMY U. We established one of the first online platforms for music and tech education. We’ve appeared in commercials that have aired during the NBA finals. We’ve established scholarships for audio engineering students. We’ve created new technology. We’ve invested in new technology. And we have advised some of the largest brands in the world. We brag different.

Why do we do what we do? To provide access to the innovators you’ve slept on.

This. Is. Era.