Music Accelerator

Music Technology Innovation

When we say “empower the builder, empower the builder” Techstars is probably the first accelerator that comes to mind. Techstars is one of the top start-up accelerators in the world, having trained, mentored and secured funding for 100’s of start-up companies. So when they said they wanted to form deeper partnerships in music, how could we not jump on board? Also, it doesn’t hurt that they are at the forefront of diversity in tech, looking to work with underrepresented communities. It’s a perfect fit.

What we did:

You ever had an idea pop in your head – you make a call and BAM?! Well, that’s what happened after thinking “Does Techstars have a accelerator in music?”.

As of October 5th, 2016 – Era’s very happy to announce that we will serve as mentors in (TS’S) inaugural Music accelerator in Los Angeles (FEB 17′). You know it’s lit when SONY, SONOS and Warner Music Group are some of the other mentor companies. We’re mega excited!

What’s up now?:

Not only are we now “tech investors” (sounds crazy to say) but we are hollering at founders looking to connect that “NEW NEW” too the music industry . Hit us up if you have a sick start- up!