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3D Sound Hackathaton

“Sound sound sound till the day I die”- Drake

We heard about Hacking Arts at M.I.T and somehow convinced them that there was about to be a really interesting industry that would depend on SOUND (hint – VR/AR). We hit up our buddies at Auro-3D and put together a Sound Hackathon. We also suggested Guru as an advisor to the hackathon and invited our buddies from the Time Warner, One Fifty Incubator to judge the hackathon.

What’s up now?:

  • Recently we did a really cool sound innovation hack during the Super Bowl in San Francisco. Era of the Engineer: Music and Tech Hackathon 2017 is soon come.

The Recording Academy

We messed around and created the first educational tour with GRAMMY U. It was simple for us because we’d already had the concept and the subject – we only needed the locations and the young minds.

What we did:

  • Visited 13 GRAMMY U campuses and studios across the US to discuss engineering to GRAMMY U Students.
  • Established Young Guru as an expert educator and lecturer.
  • Created GRAMMY U’s first artist focused lecture tour.

What’s up now?:

  • We’re linking back up with the Grammy U folks to do a Music and Tech Hack Tour in 2017.

We basically took what we were doing on Skillshare, and turned it into a live learning experience that stretched across the entire globe…yes, world. We took UnMasterclass to Bogota, Seoul, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Austin, just to name a few.

With UnMasterclass we teach exactly what we’ve been preaching from the beginning. We will give you access to the information you need to create magic on your own. It is a DIY environment that we currently live in, right?

What we did:

  • Brought Young Guru’s live talk about recording and mixing in your home studio to students across the globe.
  • Established our first “Teaching Tour” since the GRAMMY U Tour in 2013.
  • Talked to dozens of students on how to create the best sounds from their own studios.

What’s up now?:

  • We’re back on road top of 2017!