We basically took what we were doing on Skillshare, and turned it into a live learning experience that stretched across the entire globe…yes, world. We took UnMasterclass to Bogota, Seoul, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Austin, just to name a few.

With UnMasterclass we teach exactly what we’ve been preaching from the beginning. We will give you access to the information you need to create magic on your own. It is a DIY environment that we currently live in, right?

What we did:

  • Brought Young Guru’s live talk about recording and mixing in your home studio to students across the globe.
  • Established our first “Teaching Tour” since the GRAMMY U Tour in 2013.
  • Talked to dozens of students on how to create the best sounds from their own studios.

What’s up now?:

  • We’re back on road top of 2017!