“Who Are They Anyway?”

In association with University of Georgia, Harvard University, Google Computer Science Media, and Gallop.

We are in the midst of conducting one of the United States’ most ground breaking studies on the computer habits of men, women, and children in under-served communities. We asked a simple question – who, historically, in the inner cities of our nation, has been on the computer in the last 20 to 30 years? And how did they get access? And what are they doing? And why do we want to know? Billions of dollars have been spent on educating minorities and creating job pipelines – but zero studies have looked at 8 -50 year old brown males and their computer habits. We believe that a study like this could inform many education institutions and corporations on how to speak, teach, and retain their students and employees – both today and in the future. Not to mention, it would also empower a generation, or two.

What’s up now?:

  • Contributed guiding questions to Gallop to help build in their separate, ongoing study with our friends at Google Computer Science Media.
  • Building our research approach.
  • Securing funding.