Earsketch Program

We reached out to Georgia Tech’s Music Technology department to have Guru speak to students who would listen. We picked GA Tech because their Music Tech department is one of the best in the world! Little did we know, they were working on a program called EarSketch, – a curriculum based program supported by the National Science Foundation that allows young students to create musical productions using code – sick, right?

What we did:

  • Assisted in building music curriculum.
  • Donated over 1,000 stems.
  • Partnered with GA Tech and EarSketch on a new grant that will provide access to regional beat stems from a range of diverse genres.

What’s up now?:

  • EarSketch’s curriculum is working its way across the nation –appearing in a couple of our buddies’ schools in NYC. One of them is the school of big dog investor Fred Wilson’s Academy for Software Engineering. We are cooking up additional curriculum builds with Fred’s school as well as Uncharted Play as we speak (S/O Jessica Matthew). In the Fall of the 2017-18 school year, we will add regional stems from specific genres to EarSketch’s stem library.