Home studio recording app

Being innovators in the music x tech space for as long as we have gives us the luxury of identifying gaps in the marketplace – which is exactly what we did in the case of Air Sound.

What we did:

  • Spent over a year researching the recording trends of contemporary musicians.
  • Discovered over the past 5 -10 years there has been a paradigm shift from traditional studios to home studios.
  • Developed a concept we want to bring to reality: The AirBnB of Home Studios.
    • The ability to secure a studio and/or engineer on demand will have serious implications in the space.
    • There are 10,000,000 artists shifting towards home recording – our goal is to touch 25% of that market by 2020.

What’s up now?:

  • In addition to the research, we have been working with industry experts to explore various monetization avenues to put in place once we scale. Otherwise we are still building, yo!