Record + share HiFi audio app

While identifying the need for on-demand home studios we had an epiphany – the future of recording, like everything else, is mobile. A serendipitous moment occurred at SXSW when Ahmed (Era’s GM) needed a place to crash for a night and met the OffTop Founders at a FADER event. In typical southern hospitality fashion, they took him in no questions asked. Ahmed spent the night understanding that they were tackling two gaps in the marketplace: undervalued producers and the ability to record reference tracks – the “1st drafts” recording artists use when they go to the studio. Off Top is an app that, “inspires people around the world to instantly capture, share, and discover music micro content”. It allows artists and producers from all over the world to record and collaborate regardless of their physical location and/or economic status.

What they did themselves:

  • 11,000 users.
  • Growing at a rate of 300 users/day.
  • 1,100+ beats submitted by producers.

What we did:

  • Introduced them to major league players (Madonna and Jay Z thought it was dope!)
  • Developed monetization strategies.
  • Worked with them to understand the education vertical (because, well…That’s what we do).

What’s up now?:

  • As advisors, we are helping Off Top to fund-raise and understand what lane they should be in given our research in the field.