Once you land on one big screen, the others just seems to open themselves up. Infiniti called and told us they were looking for music technologists. Guru just happens to be the best music technologist we know, so it was an easy fit. Fast forward to Summer ‘16 and right on the heels of the epic AT&T commercial, Guru is zooming through the deserted hills of NorCal capturing the sounds of the road in the newest Infiniti campaign. It’s crazy…

What we did:

  • Was part of a 3 part Infiniti campaign starring actor Kit Harington (Jon Snow, Game of Thrones) and sneaker designer Sophia Chang.
  • Created a track and consulted on the music portion of the commercial.
  • Guru got to ride in style.

What’s up now?:

  • Commercial will be released soon. Expect to see it Super Bowl Sunday (we’re calling it early).