OneFifty Incubator

Can we be looked at as smart, for once?

Ask Tamir – we bugged him while he was at Tribeca Film Festival and we bugged him when he got over to Time Warner’s OneFifty: a minority incubator in every sense of the word. We’re talking about representation of not only cultural minorities, but also of industries that aren’t represented in the industry – think VR /AR . BUT, don’t get it twisted – we thought there could be more “actual representation” of “US” on the silver screen, laptop screen, etc.  We ended up getting Guru as the first signee of this amazing incubator – and, well, the rest is HISTORY, yo.

What we did:

  • ‍Created pitches for TV, movie, and online content projects.
  • Created our very own movie production company, ERA FILMS.
  • Advised on projects coming out of the incubator at large.

What’s up now?:

  • Honestly, this production deal has us on 100%!! Era Films locked in our first production deal and we currently have two top secret projects in the works (well, if you know Jerald you’ve heard about it, so maybe it’s not so top secret); one with Greg Silverman himself (google alert).
  • Oh, and this partnership allowed us to invest in Script’d (you’ll hear more about this a bit later…)