Cape Town, South Africa

Young Guru established the SAE scholarship supported by Era of the Engineer in 2013. SAE – a pretty big deal in the audio education world – has a post in Cape Town, South Africa. During a trip to Cape Town, we couldn’t ignore the suetwos, or “ghettos,” as we drove from the airport to the city. Given the rich history of music culture in South Africa – think Culoe de song or Black Coffee –Era thought it would be interesting to create an outlet for young creators who do not have the means to pursue a formal audio education.

What we did:

  • Set up a scholarship fund to send one student to SAE each year.
  • Yearly scholarship award dinner used to raise money for the SAE Fund.
  • We’ve now sent three students to attend SAE – Cape Town.

What’s up now?:

  • Three successful graduates later – (all of who are young men from the suetwo in Capetown, South Africa) we are gearing up for a trip back out to South Africa to work on creating job opportunities for these graduates. We are going to bring this back over to North America here soon. It is going to be a very LIT situation.

Play Hooky

Rolling Out Fall 2016

Ever went to college and decided mid-semester (or just a year before graduating – eek!) that you are not sure if you are truly living your passion? Sometimes we need to take a break…Play hooky to get our minds right and chase our passion.

Play Hooky will allow students with a STEM background to apply for funds to help them during the time they choose to take off school and find their real purpose.

On Deck

Rolling Out Fall 2016

On Deck is the same construct as Play Hooky, but is specifically for college graduates who are searching for their passion or working on their billion dollar project.